Spray Tan Q&A from a Mobile Spray Tan Artist

How does spray tanning work? What can I expect from my appointment? How long will it last? Check below to find answers to commonly asked questions and tips.
Spray tan tips with a professional airbrush tanning artist. Kate is the owner of Pret A Soleil, a Boston based mobile spray tanning business. She has 3 professional certifications and 3 years experience in the sunless tanning industry.
I'll start with the most asked question that everyone asks
Q: Will a spray tan turn me orange?
A: NO! I can assure you I have never let anyone leave my tent looking like Donald Trump, and would never! You and I have both seen terrible spray tans, and I won't deny that they happen. However, let's get down to why it would happen. Either your tech or tanning machine has coated you in WAY too much solution, or you left it on too long. It's that simple, I promise! That is my #1 complaint when I see how much solution MysticTan or VersaTan use. They use about 2x the amount of solution an airbrush artist would use on you. As far as leaving the solution on too long, this goes out to my fellow pale af girls. Don't leave the solution on longer than you’ve been instructed/sleep in the solution. The DHA (tanning agent) in the solution will keep developing and developing and you will look orange.
Q: How can I make my spray tan last longer?
A: Keep your skin moisturized! Make sure to moisturize daily, and use a light hand while showering. Purchase an oil free moisturizer/body wash from your salon, spa, or mobile tech. You can also use more common products like Neutrogena, Cetaphil etc. Try to avoid super hot showers, or hot tubs as this will cause the skin to fade quicker. Do not use any oil based products, the oil will stip the tan from your skin.
Q: How to get a perfect tan?
A: It all starts with skin prep! The night before your appointment, make sure to shower, shave, and exfoliate your skin. Do not use any lotion, body oil, or perfume after this shower. All waxing/ sugaring should be done at least 24 hours to your appointment. If not, the pores on your skin will still be a bit too open and can fill with solution causing the appearance of “blackheads”
Q: How long does a spray tan last?
A: A typical tan lasts from about 5-7 days. Depending on the solution and post tan care, your tan can last much longer! Mine sometimes last up to 15 days (faded of course, but still looking flawless!)