Should you get a spray tan before your vacation?

Should you get a spray tan before your vacation?

So you’re getting ready for your vacation and are feeling a bit pale. Are Should you get a spray tan before your vacation?


I always recommend getting a spray tan before you go on vacation for the following reasons:

1. First and foremost, you will feel Bronzie and glowing when you arrive! You don’t have to worry about putting on your vacation clothes those first few days with your current skin shade. Bathing suits, short dresses, and the like all look better with a spray! 

2. You will be able to immediately switch into vacation mode and not worry about getting a tan your first day there, which we know, often leads into a sunburn that lasts the whole vacation. I think we’ve all been there, showing up on vacation feeling a very pale, and then trying to compensate by laying out the entire first day. Save your skin and be able to enjoy your trip by getting your spray before you leave.

3. This is of course a personal preference, but getting a spray tan versus doing a self tan at home before your vacation will last you much longer. The color of a spray tan is much stronger and longer lasting than Sultaan moose, and will allow you to enjoy your vacation instead of thinking about your self tan or reapplying it every few days.


What are your thoughts? Do you prefer getting a spray tan before vacation, or are you opting for a full tan from the sun during your vacation? Leave your answer below!

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