Spray Tan FAQ

What happens at a Spray Tan Appointment?

At your appointment, you will arrive and we will chat to figure out what your tanning goals are. You get to pick the shade, darkness level, and rinse preference. You can then undress to your comfort level, put on barrier cream to dry areas, and step onto the sticky feet when you are done and ready for the spray tan to start. We will start with a PH balancing solution to prepare your skin to absorb the solution evenly. The spray tan solution will be sprayed on your body taking about 10 minutes. Finishing powder is applied to your skin to dry and protect the solution while it is developing. You are then able to get dressed and the appointment is done! 

What is a Spray Tan?
A spray tan is the process of misting sunless tanning solution onto the skin to gradually darken the top layer of skin over 24 hours. The solution's main ingredient is called dihydroxyacetone (DHA)  and is natural and sugar based . The (DHA) sinks into the skins amino acids and causes the skin to darken until that layer of skin is exfoliated off.
What is a Mobile Spray Tan? 

A mobile spray tan is exactly the same as a regular spray tan, except in a mobile pop up tent! I arrive, set up my tent, and get everything ready to go. We then have a consultation about your desired color, darkness level, and skin type. After determining the correct solution to use, we do a quick 15 minute spray and you are done! All mess and spray stays in the tent. The only requirement is an electrical outlet.  

How Long Does a Spray Tan Last? 

A good spray tan will last you anywhere from 5-7 days. When using proper aftercare and moisturizing daily the spray tan will be able to last up to 10 days. View our shop for the pre-tan, and post-tan collections for our favorite products.  

What About My Other Appointments? 

Lashes should be done the day before, or day after airbrush tanning. Waxing/ Hair Removal / Manicures/ Pedicures/ Massages/ Facials should be done before tanning. If you have VERY dry skin, schedule manicures and pedicures 2-3 days before spray. Take extra care to remove all leftover lotions and products on skin before tan.  

What Should I Wear To My Spray Tan? 

Dark, loose baggy clothing. Preferably a long baggy shirt and long baggy sweatpants. You want to protect the spray and keep it covered as best you can. Do not wear sports bras, jeans, yoga pants, socks, leggings, , tights, or other tight clothing. Do not sleep nude.  

Mobile Spray Tan Service Area

Serving the Greater Boston / Metrowest Area Area in blue circle is FREE service area.

 Requests outside service area: $1/mile driven TO location will be added to price. Example. From Concord MA to Nashua NH is 31 miles. Service Area is 17 miles wide. Extra travel fee would be $14

 Concord | Carlisle | Lexington | Sudbury | Weston | Lincoln | Maynard | Waltham | Framingham | Boston | Seaport | South Boston | East Boston | Beacon Hill | Back Bay | North End | Brighton | Quincy | Newton | Wellesley | Brookline | Dedham | Cambridge | Watertown | Belmont | Somerville | Arlington | Bedford| Billerica | Chelmsford | North Reading | Reading | Woburn | Burlington | Winchester | Stoneham | Bolton | Hudson | Marlborough | Tewksbury | Wilmington | Lowell

Does a Spray Tan Have SPF?
Spray tans do NOT have SPF. Please protect your skin and wear an oil free sunscreen while outdoors
Cancellation Policy 
Things happen! Please reach out and let me know if you would like to reschedule your already booked appointment for another time/date. If you would like to cancel, you are able at any time (up to 24 hours before our appointment) to cancel online with no charge. If you choose to cancel within 24 hours of the appointment or No Show, you will be charged the full amount of service booked.

Your Appointment

Before Your Spray Tan 

Please fill out the ​waiver​​ and read through the FAQ appointment details in order to best understand your spray tan.  

Mobile Spray Tans: Take a look around your home, and pick the spot that you would like to be sprayed in. Weather permitting we can even spray outdoors! Review your appointment information online here  

Pre Appointment Information 

Shower, shave, and exfoliate the night before your appointment. Do not use lotion, perfume, deodorant after this shower. You may use an oil free lotion the night before the spray if your skin is very dry or in the winter months If you can avoid using razors that have large moisture strips that is ideal.

 Do not shower right before your spray tan, as it can cause the solution to develop unevenly. Do not use lotion, perfume, deodorant after this shower. You may use an oil free lotion the night before the spray if your skin is very dry or in the winter months


Directly After Your Spray 

Do not get wet, use lotions, or perfumes. If you get a spot of water on yourself , try and tap the spot dry with a towel, then blend with a makeup brush. This should help blend the spot, but you may still see discoloration. Try not to curl arms and legs up, skin on skin contact will cause darker patches to develop (Typically behind knees and in elbow crease)

First Shower Post Spray Tan 

Take a soap free shower to remove the bronzer using your hands only. You dont want to use soap as this will cause the tan to stop developing. Make sure to rinse yourself until you see no more color going down the drain. Your tan is going to fully develop in the next 24 hours. You should now moisturize your skin with an oil free moisturizer. 

Extra Notes:I recommend taking a final shower with soap to remove any extra solution that may be left on the skin after about 24 hours. Make sure to use oil free body wash for the duration of your tan


Dont Take Our Word For It!

Great experience! Kate was very nice, professional, and easy going and my tan is already looking great! The setting powder was a nice touch that I haven't noticed at other salons. I will be back!
I am so pleased with how my entire experience was. Kate came to my home which was incredibly convenient, was pleasant and kind, and my tan looks amazing!!
Light, 'not sticky' feeling from the very beginning, beautiful color! Perfect way to beat the end of summer blues ♥️
Kate consistently gives me the best spray tan! She is so lovely to work with and my skin comes out flawless every time. There is nothing better than getting a spray in your own home - I highly recommend!!
The best spray tan experience you will ever have! Seriously, Kate is the sweetest and makes you feel so comfortable. The spray tan itself is amazing quality, long lasting and looked absolutely perfect. Highly recommend!!