What Is A Mobile Spray Tan?

What Is A Mobile Spray Tan?

A mobile spray tan is exactly the same as a regular spray tan, except in a mobile pop up tent!

Before your appointment - Take a look around your home, and pick the spot that you would like to be sprayed in. Weather permitting we can even spray outdoors! Review your appointment information online hereThe only requirement is an electrical outlet.  

I arrive, set up my tent, and get everything ready to go. We then have a consultation about your desired color, darkness level, and skin type. You get to pick the shade, darkness level, and rinse preference. You can then undress to your comfort level, put on barrier cream to dry areas, and step onto the sticky feet when you are done and ready for the spray tan to start.

We will start with a PH balancing solution to prepare your skin to absorb the solution evenly. The spray tan solution will be sprayed on your body taking about 10 minutes. Finishing powder is applied to your skin to dry and protect the solution while it is developing. You are then able to get dressed and the appointment is done!  All mess and spray stays in the tent. 

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