What Should I Do Before My Spray Tan?

What Should I Do Before My Spray Tan?

 Before Your Spray Tan 

Please fill out the waiver and read through the FAQ appointment details in order to best understand your spray tan.  

Mobile Spray Tans: Look around your home, and pick the spot that you would like to be sprayed in. Weather permitting, we can even spray outdoors!

Review your appointment information online in the confirmation text/email sent to you  


What Should I Wear To My Spray Tan? 

Dark, loose baggy clothing; Preferably a long baggy shirt and long baggy sweatpants. You want to protect the spray and keep it covered as best you can. Do not wear sports bras, jeans, yoga pants, socks, leggings, tights, or other tight clothing.

Do not sleep nude.  More


What About My Other Appointments? 

Lashes should be done the day before, or day after airbrush tanning. Waxing/ Hair Removal / Manicures/ Pedicures/ Massages/ Facials should be done before tanning. If you have VERY dry skin, schedule manicures and pedicures 2-3 days before spray. Take extra care to remove all leftover lotions and products on skin before tan.  

Pre Appointment Information 

Shower, shave, and exfoliate the night before your appointment. Do not use lotion, perfume, or deodorant after this shower. You may use an oil free lotion the night before the spray if your skin is very dry or in the winter months If you can avoid using razors that have large moisture strips that is ideal.

 Do not shower right before your spray tan, as it can cause the solution to develop unevenly You may use an oil free lotion the night before the spray if your skin is very dry or in the winter months


Directly After Your Spray 

Do not get wet, use lotions, or perfumes. If you get a spot of water on yourself , try and tap the spot dry with a towel, then blend with a makeup brush. This should help blend the spot, but you may still see discoloration. Try not to curl arms and legs up, skin on skin contact will cause darker patches to develop (Typically behind knees and in elbow crease)

First Shower Post Spray Tan 

Take a soap free shower to remove the bronzer using your hands only. You don't want to use soap as this will cause the tan to stop developing. Make sure to rinse yourself until you see no more color going down the drain. Your tan is going to fully develop in the next 24 hours. You should now moisturize your skin with an oil free moisturizer. 

Extra Notes :I recommend taking a final shower with soap to remove any extra solution that may be left on the skin after about 24 hours. Make sure to use oil free body wash for the duration of your tan



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